What Our Clients Are Saying

I thought I was saving for my retirement, until I lost 30% of my “savings” in the 2008 market crash. I am now truly saving for retirement, by funding my own bank, with the help of Equity Restoration Group.

-Neal K.

In creating my banking system I met with Equity Restoration Group (ERG) many times and each time they provided me with sound guidance without pushing an agenda. I have felt like they truly have our best interest at heart. Privatized Banking from ERG has helped us put a disciplined approach to our long term financial strategy. ERG also helped identify other ways to maximize our savings. I believe we are way ahead of lots of people my age. Getting a head start will pay huge long term dividends for my family. We have already established “banking” systems for our two young boys and it has put them far ahead in their financial future. And the best thing about it is that I am the one making the money instead of a bank or other lending institution.

-Drew B.

Prior to being introduced to Privatized Banking, we were investing like the majority of other American families with traditional checking and savings accounts, IRA’s, 401K’s mutual funds and a few individual stocks. After meeting with Equity Restoration Group , we quickly realized there were better investment options available to position us much more favorably to pay for our children’s education, for upcoming purchases and for our retirement.

As an example, through a life insurance vehicle we’ve since been funding, we recently were able to borrow from the policy to pay cash for a new car using the Privatized Banking (or Infinite Banking) Concept that Equity Restoration Group provides and teaches. Instead of leasing the car, or financing it through the dealership’s banks or lending companies as we’ve done in the past, we were able to become the bank ourselves, pay cash for the vehicle and pay ourselves the finance charges. Not only will this be a significant savings over the traditional financing methods, but the savings we’re paying ourselves are helping to grow our investment policy exponentially. The Privatized Banking Strategy has worked exactly as expected, and we plan to use it for all major purchases in the future.  And we certainly appreciate the time and care that the folks at ERG took with us to make sure we understand the power of this strategy!

Analyzing what we’ll need for college and retirement used to be a humbling and uncertain exercise. We now feel much more comfortable and secure knowing that we have our children’s and our financial future accounted for. We would highly recommend investing the time to learn more about this concept and the options available. It truly has been the best investment we’ve ever made.

-Dave & Karen M.

We appreciate how Equity Restoration Group has succeeded in relating our financial goals and the management process with our Christian values, and for opening our minds to new concepts outside of conventional thought and wisdom. Privatized Banking gives us more control and a strong foundation for our financial future. The concept also dovetails nicely with our real estate careers – it supports our career choice today, and will maximize our success in the long run. It seemed too good to be true at first, but the early results clearly speak for themselves, and the short- and long-term picture seems more realistic each day.

-Greg & Barbara S.