What is Banking?


What if you could maximize every dollar you spend on the things you buy?

What if you could access your money and continue growing it at the same time?

What if you could change the flow of your money back into your own household?

What if you could do all of this in a no or low risk environment on a tax-free basis?

Banking is a process combined with a custom engineered product that’s been utilized by banks, corporations, and wealthy individuals for over 200 years.

Equity Restoration Group, its members, partners, and advisors fully recognize IBC as a Sound Money Solution as presented by the concept’s founder and creator, R. Nelson Nash. Mr. Nash has written a book on the subject, Becoming Your Own Banker, which is now in its 5th edition and has sold more than 200,000 copies.. Anyone interested in learning more about this subject is encouraged to Contact Us directly to learn how to obtain a free copy of this book.


Today, thousands of individuals and families are utilizing these principles, processes and products. They are beginning to turn away from putting “all” their assets “life savings” and “retirement portfolios” in traditional forms of investment accounts that require uncomfortable amounts of risk to get a return, and are turning to safer and more predictable means of creating and protecting their wealth.
Utilizing the right tools and applying a Sound Money Strategy allows individuals and families to grow their wealth and simultaneously eliminate taking on high-risk in their financial lives. By understanding the principals and implementing the process, individuals can create a safe, predictable financial plan wherein real wealth can be created, both for themselves and future generations.

These Sound Money Solutions can be implemented by any family in America that is capable of consistently saving money.

Sound Principles of Money

There are some basic ways to create wealth: You can increase the amount of money you make, or you can increase the amount of money you keep. The most damaging part of our personal finances is not the small rate of return that we are receiving on our investments, but it is the amount of money we spend every month on debt (car loan, mortgage, credit cards), interest, taxes, and opportunity cost (the growth your money could have earned had you not payed cash for your purchases). The basis of the banking concept is that by becoming your own bank and financing your own purchases, you minimize the amount of money you consistently lose, paying it back to yourself, and increasing your overall wealth. Redirecting the money that would otherwise go to debt, interest, and opportunity cost, will have a significantly more powerful effect on your finances than the rate of return on your investments* (*this depends on many factors, but is most often the case) that’s our disclosure statement because we take serious our accountability in all our statements. This is what you do when you answer to a higher authority.
Why Permanent, Dividend Paying Life Insurance from Mutual Companies?

Though the principles of banking are important, the vehicle in which the banking system is implemented is equally important. Whole life insurance has proven to be most useful. Its qualities allow it to be the best suited vehicle for the purposes of Sound Money Solutions. Whole life insurance has multiple advantages, including: Liquidity, Use, Control, Guarantees, Tax Free Growth, No IRS involvement, No Probate, Creditor Protection, Unlimited Funding, No Penalty Access, and Ownership. These advantages not only allow your cash values to grow quicker but more efficiently as well. Additionally, its safety and guaranteed growth allow it to be an exceptional product for the use of these strategies.
Start Small or Large

Creating a physical bank would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to start, your own private banking system, however, can be effective whether you are saving $100 or $10,000 dollars each month.
Start With Lump Sums

Many individuals come into large lump sums of money whether its through an inheritance, work bonus, etc. The question often arises, what do I do with this capital? Using lump sums to fund your system is possible and can be one of the quickest ways to begin benefiting right away. This money will have guaranteed growth when you’re not using it, and it will grow tax-deferred and earn tax-free dividends*. This money is liquid, and ready to be used for your use at any time, without penalty, fees or approval. It’s “your money” and it should remain your money.
High Net Worth

The majority of those that have acquired a significant amount of wealth have worked hard to do so. A Sound Money Solution helps these individuals in a couple ways: It creates a place for wealth to reside, with guaranteed growth and tax advantages. The money is liquid in case an opportunity arises to utilize that money elsewhere. Additionally, the money that is used within the system passes on to the heirs income tax free*. This allows for large sums of money to be easily transferred, avoiding probate, and increasing, substantially, the amount of money passed on to the next generation. Don’t you think it’s wise stewardship to give the people you love and the ministries you support a leg up?